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Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed. Our nation’s success is built on the founding principles of unlimited opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, and the freedom to pursue our dreams. John Joseph Dionne Jr fights each and every day to ensure that the community is advancing towards meeting these founding principles. Read on to learn about the issues at hand, and what is being done to combat them.

Lake View


A strong infrastructure, drives a strong economy!

I believe that this is a job that the Governor and Legislator should address and fund. My question? What is considered infrastructure and how do we fund it.

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School Bus & Children


Our Children are the Future

This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and heavily discussed among politicians, lobbyists, and congressmen alike. John Joseph Dionne Jr is pushing for change, and is doing everything they can to see a brighter future. Learn more and join the cause today.

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Woman & Doctor

Health Care

Key Policy

John Joseph Dionne Jr is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people all over the world. They hold this issue close to their heart, working day in and day out to find ways to improve the cause. John Joseph Dionne Jr aims to maintain balance within the political system, and will keep pushing until the correct balance is reached.

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French Politicians


I was born in Jerome, Idaho at St Benedicts Hospital, I severed in the U.S. Navy for 20 years and retired in 2006. I am a conservative, however I believe that all decisions made in Government must be a benefit to a supermajority of the Governed not just the few. Because truth be told the Government should be the Governed by the people. Together we can work to make this a reality again, as our founders thought it should be.