The Plan

When elected as the Governor of Idaho, there are four pieces of legislation that I will be working with the Mayors and Legislators to get on my desk within the first year of my administration.
(1) Repeal the grocery sales tax: with the proposed cuts in spending.

(2) Legislation on fair property tax: taxes are based on purchase price not appraised price.

(3) Seniors Care Act: Those over 62 pay no Idaho taxes, however persons applying for this benefit must have paid tax in Idaho for 20 years. We do not want people paying taxes in other state to benefit if they have not paid into our state tax system.

(4) Get Idaho government out of the liquor business. By privatizing the State liquor stores.


What do you think about...

Critical Race Theory? 

I am opposed to teaching anything in schools that further racism in Idaho or the country. That being said I think that we need to take the Government out of the educational equation. Put that choice back into the hand of the people and their community. 


The IMF?

As the founding fathers and previous conservatives has said, we need to have true diplomatic relation and free trade with all nations. That means that we do not back or denounce any nations government, we should never engage in political or military interventions, nor should we ever engage in Nation Building.


Section 230 reforms?

I do not agree with this as it is censorship, which is strictly prohibited by the 1st Amendment. So, to clarify, they should not be held accountable for what people say on their sites. 


Emergency Declarations?

 In accordance with the Idaho State Constitution, the Governor is granted “Supreme Power” of the state of Idaho, so if used correctly the declarations of emergencies is a powerful tool. My belief is that is only to be used when resources need to be redirected in a “emergency”. The only way these powers can be removed from the office of the Governor is by the people. I do not believe that the Federal Government has the power to declare an emergency unless we are being invaded.


Federal Overreach?

The Federal Government is granted some powers, any law that is created by them inside those powers shall be enforced, it is the Presidents job and Governors jobs to do so. Outside of the powers granted, the Federal Government has no right to set laws, invade its citizens freedoms or liberties. Yet they do these things continually. They force compliance through withholding funding if states do not comply. They continue to grow they centralized powers while pillaging funding from the citizens. We need to de-centralize all levels of government, giving back freedoms and liberty to the people.


State rights?

I will continually oppose any action by the Federal government, that is contrary to the Constitution or the Bill of Right. As Governor I will not deploy any Idaho Guards to participate in Federal sponsored interventions, here or abroad. 

Health and Human Services: In Idaho the government spends 22.6% of the budget on Health and Human services. I believe that is not the job of the state to fund Health and Human services. It is our job to create and environment in which fellow Idahoans can succeed.


Idaho Sovereignty: In Idaho 36.3% of our budget comes from the Federal government. Is this appropriate? No! Unless I am in the office, I cannot tell you what strings were agree upon by the Governor to get the funding. Can we be free of them? I believe so. How can we promote self-sufficiency in our state, so we are not dependent on government funds? By following the law as set forth. We as Idahoans have the answers to all our problems. However, I think that we have also forgotten our civic duties and responsibilities, and we look to all levels of government for the solutions. Look within ourselves, that is where all the answers lay. We cannot be afraid to bring them forward because we may be criticized, what you bring forward may add to the solution.


Agenda 2030: 

I am 100% opposed to Agenda 2030. 


Parental Rights:

It is 100% the parents' rights to raise their children in the manner they deem right. No one has the right to tell someone else how to live or raise their children.


Abortion: I think that abortion is a personal choice. No branch of government should make rulings for or against. Individual rights do not come with the tag line: only if I agree with you. Individual rights give's every person the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Second Amendment: This falls under the Bill of Rights, see intro. 


Hunting and fishing and outdoor recreation: 

I think that we have used our resources wisely thus far why change what we are doing? 


Election Integrity: There are always areas that we can improve. I do believe that it is the responsibility of the Governor to come up with ways that all eligible voters in the state can vote without tremendous burden to the voter if we want more people to vote. 


Undisclosed campaign contributions: If you want a “transparent” Government, then nothing can be undisclosed! 


What is your future vision of Idaho? A free, independent Idaho!  Free of over burdensome taxation, government overreach and free from our lands being managed by any entity other than of the state, county, or township/city. We do not need outside influences to dictate our freedoms. When people move to our state from wherever they come, they must honor our ways of live, we do not change to their ways of life. If every person in Idaho lives by the Montra:  Every individual has the same right, liberties, and freedoms then we can achieve the American dream. Live and prosperity for all. Every Idahoan has the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


John Joseph Dionne Jr

All Power, Should Be in the Hands of the People, Not the Government!


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